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Rollers , Stanbic renew Ties


Township Rollers and Stanbic Bank have renewed ties with a new deal worth P4 500 000.00.

Giving the keynote address at the event, held a Cuppacinos restaurant at Airport Junction Mall Gaborone, Rollers club President, Mr Jagdish Shah, said the partnership between Rollers and Stanbic had significantly grown since the first launch in September 2016 and the re-launch in January 2020.

“I wish to report to you that between 2016 and today, we have doubled our social media following and we have significantly increased our supporters branches as well. Today, we are a lot more professionally and commercially run, and adequately equipped to take this partnership to another level,” Mr Shah said.

Mr Shah applauded Stanbic for continuing with the partnership despite the challenges that businesses have faced in the post-COVID-19 pandemic. He urged the Rollers technical team and players to be inspired for more success on the football pitch, so that the two brands can continue being associated with success.

Additionally, Mr Shah called on Rollers supporters, to support Stanbic Bank by consuming their products and services, which he said in the long run would also be beneficial to the club.

He also said that Rollers continued to aspire for the highest forms of corporate governance and integrity.

“As we try to adhere to the highest forms of governance principles that can withstand the scrutiny even by the court of public opinion. We should never forget that there is no short-cut to success. It is only through the collective effort of everybody associated with Township Rollers, that our prospects for success shall be greatly enhanced,” Mr Shah said.

Rollers Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Bennett Mamelodi also said there was a need to cement the synergy between the club and Stanbic beyond the sponsorship.

“I wish to applaud the exceptional professionalism of the Stanbic Bank Team, whom we sought to persuade to see value in us continuing on this journey. We therefore need to ensure that there is a balance between Township Rollers – our supporters, players, do players have contracts, are they paid reasonably, how often does the leadership interact with the supporters? How do we get our multitudes of supporters to consume the Stanbic products and services?” Mr Mamelodi said.

Stanbic Bank Botswana CEO Mr Chose Modise said his company would use the opportunity to leverage the sport of football in giving back to the community through its development.

“Township Rollers is undoubtedly the best football club in the country and as a bank, we seek to establish mutually beneficial relationships with such entities,as we continue to empower and nurture their sustainable development. Not only are they a winning club, but they are also a brand that shares common values with that of the bank,” Mr Modise said.

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