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Moloi recieved CAF B License


Gaborone United Assistant Coach Pontsho “Piro” Moloi received his CAF B License πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡² in June and July in Zambia.

Moloi enrolled in CAF B coaching course in Lusaka, Zambia between June and July which was attended by a number of former football professionals from South Africa.

“I am very excited, these are the results of hard work and dedication I have put to the beautiful game. I have sacrificed a lot to attain this license, it’s not easy to go out of the country and attend such courses.

Pontsho Moloi said he has always wanted to upgrade himself, as descrbing it is important and the football club he represent.

“This License is dedicated to those who belΓ¬eve in me and most importantly the Director (Nicholas Zakhem) who ensured that I met all the requirements needed to be part of the course,” said Piro.

He further pointed out that if time permits, he wants to go for more coaching badges. “In football you learn everyday and I would like to improve my knowledge of the game.

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